Saturday, October 11, 2008

... WHY I DON'T ..??..

I don't remember her ,
But my loneliness reminds me of her ,
With so many pals alltogether ,i am n'er a solitary soul,
But i am , when she is standing aside ,
Who says she is standing aside !??
Despite being so far , she's always sitting beside,
But if she is always sitting beside ,
Then why don't I REMEMBER her ?

I don't have love and care for her ,
But my heart melt n eyes get wet at her grief ,
IT's goodness of her nature which compells my heart to ,
Her nature is not good at all ,
But better than the nature's nature ,
Who always plays in favour of its creature ,
But then why don't i LOVE her ??

I don't wanna see her ,
But eager are my eyes to have a glimpse of her ,
They'll not find her anywhere ,they know,
They keep searching for her ,though ,
Don't know why my eyes always keep looking for ugly face ,
As ugly as the ANGELS of fairy tales ,
But then why don't i want to SEE her ???

I have a bunch of hatred in my heart for her ,
But it's very ungratefull to hate such a helpfull one ,
She is not at all a helpfull soul ,
But she helped me once to breathe ,more than once ! ,
How can anyone help me to breathe ,
I was breathing on my own ,but she helped me a lot,
But then again ,Why do i HATE her ????

Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's a word which people are generally scared of ..they say attachment always hurts ,brings miseries to our life.

Though they know that a coin has two faces but they always see that face which hurts , brings miseries to them.They forget those moments which brought a childish smile on their face ,the moment when they considered this world a beautiful place to live in..

There are people who seldom get attached to anyone and such people are spared by many miseries of life but they never get to see the happiest moment of their life...

I do agree that attachments to anything ,either that be your family member ,your friend ,your love or even your pets 'n' toys may hurt, ,make you face miseries when they are far or not with you but they also must have shown you the happiest moment of your life....

You must have seen a child crying after his toy breaks , it's a misery for him but that's the only toy which would must have made that baby giggle, enjoy 'n' happy..Breaking of toy brings misery but it doesn't mean at all that child should stop playing with toys.....

Now I live in a hostel , thousand miles away from my home , when i return back to hostel after vacations i feel very sad 'n' even cry..IT's a misery for me but that doesn't mean at all that i should stay back in hostel in vacation n never visit hurts while i am returning back but we should try to feel those happy moments when we are to reach our home after vacation begins......

If I'll have to compare life of a person who is attached to something or someone with a person who seldom gets attached to anything..THEN ;
Latter's life is like a metro train which always smoothly runs on its sweet pace with few stoppage in between..BUT former's life is like the TITANIC ship 'n ' may be if things go well then IT'll n'er meet any ICEBERG 'n' THE HEART 'LL GO ON.......

Sunday, October 5, 2008




I am having a wish in my mind ,
Its not of being some topper kind ,
Neither is the wish to fly with the mighty wind ,
I don't wish of being a senator ,
How can i wish of being an orator ,
But what i really wish is ,
I would have "Peace of Mind".

I don't wish to marry worlds most beautiful girl ,
Neither do i wish of having some pearl ,
I don't wish to sit beside my spouse in my own designed car ,
Wish of making a robot to get the bed tea served is at par ,
But what i really wish is ,
I would have peace of mind..

But do i really wish ??
Heard "Peace 'n' Wish can't be together".
Now , if i wish peace of mind ,
Then , why do i have wish of any kind ??...

Why don't i sway my way.??.

Barefooted i am walking on a way ,
A way with thorny pebbles all around ,
etching my feet in a manner ,
Which i don't know , how to convey,
A beautiful pattern of red was seen ,
It aches , it pinches 'n' it leaves me restless ,
But i don't know ,why don't i sway my way.

Walking non stop with a thought in my brain ,
May be ,i'll be relieved n'er again ,
Perhaps i was on this way cuz i hadn't any other ,
But soon i was able to see another ,
What i could see was a grassy lane ,
May be it'll relieve 'n' 'll not let me feel any pain ,
Doesn't matter ,whether i walk non stop from dusk to dawn ,
But still i don't know why don't i sway my way..

With eyes full of questions , i turn back ,
That red pattern eye to eye staring me ,
surprisingly ,smiled at me with bliss ,
And replied even without being questioned ,
"Its 'cuz' you love this way"...