Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am having a wish in my mind ,
Its not of being some topper kind ,
Neither is the wish to fly with the mighty wind ,
I don't wish of being a senator ,
How can i wish of being an orator ,
But what i really wish is ,
I would have "Peace of Mind".

I don't wish to marry worlds most beautiful girl ,
Neither do i wish of having some pearl ,
I don't wish to sit beside my spouse in my own designed car ,
Wish of making a robot to get the bed tea served is at par ,
But what i really wish is ,
I would have peace of mind..

But do i really wish ??
Heard "Peace 'n' Wish can't be together".
Now , if i wish peace of mind ,
Then , why do i have wish of any kind ??...


ishan said...

its meaningful and romantic.nice use of words and good rhyming.good start.keep it up.its appreciabe.

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

thnks bro..

Jahnabi said...

Rahul, when you can successfully control all your desires, then you have peace of mind.

Simple enough, right?

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

its just easy to say simple but it's very difficult to stand by these simplicities..'n' u know how difficult it is to be simple..

thnks again..

sukant said...

i cant write the kind janbi do but my heart is so much over whelmed to see my friend rahul can write so much with exellence

sukant said...

dekha main bhi poet ban gya

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

tnks bro..

siddharth said...

hey!!!u really feel n think like this???

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

chhor na !!!
bas aise hi likh diya..

Divya said...

Yaar, every single creation of urs is so well expressed. Its gr8 dat u hav the ability to express ur feelings in a poetic manner.
Glad dat u discovered ur talent n started writing.
Looking forward to more of ur thought invoking creations.

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

divya m tired of saying thnks..

may my creations invoke evry bodies heart..

Rens7 said...

very nice, thoughtful n inspiring :)