Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why don't i sway my way.??.

Barefooted i am walking on a way ,
A way with thorny pebbles all around ,
etching my feet in a manner ,
Which i don't know , how to convey,
A beautiful pattern of red was seen ,
It aches , it pinches 'n' it leaves me restless ,
But i don't know ,why don't i sway my way.

Walking non stop with a thought in my brain ,
May be ,i'll be relieved n'er again ,
Perhaps i was on this way cuz i hadn't any other ,
But soon i was able to see another ,
What i could see was a grassy lane ,
May be it'll relieve 'n' 'll not let me feel any pain ,
Doesn't matter ,whether i walk non stop from dusk to dawn ,
But still i don't know why don't i sway my way..

With eyes full of questions , i turn back ,
That red pattern eye to eye staring me ,
surprisingly ,smiled at me with bliss ,
And replied even without being questioned ,
"Its 'cuz' you love this way"...


sukant said...

mast jkhas waha waha brother

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

thnks bro..

For me OR For you said...

excellent and great toward depth...keep it up bhai

Pranab Reloaded said...

Kabiraj,i really like this poem " why dont i sway my way"

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

thnks bro..

abhishek said...

wellll............. ummmmmmmm...... as u wanted .....
i dont believe they r urs
edited some poems?
or translated?

sakshi said...

nice poem!:)

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

thnks sakshi !!! :)

ron said...

dude kuch toh ho gaya mere yaar ko......itni mast poem hai ki saare kavi fail hai

neetu said...

excellent rahul....ur all poems are gud, i liked all...but truely i liked this 1 d most....!!

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

oh !!!
m flying..he he..
thnks for ur compliments..

siddharth said...

yup...jus cant sway yor way gettin2 know abt the hurdles ahead......
nice1 buddy..

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...


R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

they r my own copy..
waise m glad to think that my poem r so gud that ppl can't blve that they r by me..HE HE..