Friday, March 27, 2009

..$$ TO LOVE AGAIN $$..

When i was a kid,
i was scared i could skid,
i saw a girl,
her face was as bright as a pearl.
At six when i couldn't comment,
what is love,
i felt something behind my rib walls
and slowly we became pals.
so loving and caring she was,
usually we used to sit beside,
but her 1st glimpse of the day used to leave me gratified.

Soon i turned into a grownup child,
and that girl broke my heart
and i was left torn apart,
I cried, trembled like a fish outside its hut..

Then i brought a thought in my brain
that i'll never love again...

Days passed as well my feeling for her,
now i was happy to be single,
not at all ready to mingle
But my heart didn't hear a single


david santos said...

Really great work. Nice poem and pretty picture!
Happy Week!!!

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

thanks a lot !!!