Friday, November 14, 2008


When she was borned ,
A little angel was sent to hell that day ,
Gratification grazed every body's face ,
Aura of aroma spread all over ,
Weather gone pleasant 'n' divine melody was played ,
'cuz it was a festival to celebrate.

Down poured the sky from his blue turned black face ,
By mistake ,He sent that angel to born as a new ,
'n' of that kind he had very few.
Every body knew , sky needed solace ,
But no body cared 'n' turned their face.
I sympathise with sky on his grief ,
Also give him a note of thanks in brief.

I entreat you god ,
Always keep her contented like a sandboy with heed ,
Confer her my share even if she doesn't need.
Strengthen her arms to face any misery of life ,
But don't ever let any misery to create any strife.
Always help her in accomplishment of what she does dream ,
Don't be with me , I'll n'er scream.
Don't ever bring a moment of grief for her ,
Also confer me her share even it does exceed ,
She is my best friend indeed.

Now also let me celebrate that day ,
'n' wish her ,


Anonymous said...

lucky is ur frnd..

KUSHAL said...

yar your all the poems are there any matter of any gal in your life.? i mean , u love her but she doesn't or something like that.?WHAT EVER , NICE POETRY.

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

thnks 4 ur comnts..

No there is nothing as such u r interpreting..

Divya said...

This poem of urs is awesome.
I simply loved it.
And this frnd of urs jisko tumne ye dedicate ki hai is really very lucky ,yaar.

david santos said...

Really beautiful card!

Peace for INDIAN people!


neel said...

are rahul..
mai aaj bore ho rha tha to maine tera blog visit karke tere poem padha....
ur poems were awesome....
bt sadones...
they were reflecting ur pain..
whats d name of that unlucky girl????

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

to neel :arey diot koi bhi adki nai gal is unlucky..wo to poems aise hi likh diya..

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

to divya : yar really my frmd s very lucky but luckiest i am to be her frnd..

david santos said...

Have a nice day!!!